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Daily View is more than just scheduling for your caregivers - it’s the next generation platform to make running your agency easier than ever. So seamless and intuitive, it’ll change the way you view everything.

Schedule faster

Need to fill a last minute shift? Find the perfect caregiver for a new client? Edit a shift or a block of shifts? No sweat.

See everything

Get a new client? Was there a no-show? Need to follow-up on a lead? Now you know with our intuitive dashboard.

Learn from experts

Our growing collection of online videos cover all the aspects of running an agency.

Gain understanding

Never guess at what impacts your business. Focus on what works and stop wasting time on what doesn’t.

Get better results.

Expert Advice. Delivered.

Grow your business with our professional
library of online videos.

Our selection of online education videos address all the challenges home care agencies face today... from handling inquiries and assessments, to effectively using social media. Whether you need help containing expenses or expanding to a second office - we’ve got you covered.

Over50expert videos

Amazing Analytics

See your agency through a new lens.

What drives your business? How do your best clients find you? What sources aren’t worthy your time? Stop spending money on what doesn’t work. Make it count.

Use Daily View to run your day-to-day operations and we’ll give you real-time competitive analysis of your agency.


Benchmark Analysis

Turn insights into actions.

Truly in-depth. Incredible real-time benchmarks comparing your agency to industry standards and leaders. Discover your strengths and weaknesses and see you how compare to best practices. Analytics finally made simple.

Caregiver Tools

Now you can see everything.

Schedule: Easily create and edit shifts. View all your shifts for that day with real-time status updates or get the bigger picture with our monthly calendar.

Caregiver Matching: Have a new client or need to fill a last minute shift? Find the perfect caregiver with one click. It automatically factors in the caregiver’s skill set, availability, distance from client, and overall reliability.

Alerts: See at-a-glance which caregivers are arriving late or leaving early, who’s a no-show, or who’s working overtime.

Client Care

Keeping everything in perfect focus.

Client Profile: Now you know everything - in just one view. From overall caregiver reliability down to specific shift alerts - did the caregiver leave early or arrive late? From the care plan to caregiver tasks - this one page keeps you up-to-date.

Lead Management: It’s time to get more assessments and convert more clients. Simplify your sales funnel with our 5 step process. You’ll always know the status of each lead and the next step that needs to be taken. Keep your leads moving forward.

Expect more

A powerful suite of management tools
  • Home/scheculing


    Need to fill a last minute shift? Find the perfect caregiver for a new client? Edit a shift or a block of shifts? Done.

  • Home/available_shift

    Available Shifts

    See your available shifts in one glance. Find the most qualified caregiver with one click and assign the shift.

  • Home/shift_reminder

    Shift Reminders

    Automatically have a text or email sent to a caregiver to remind them of an upcoming shift.

  • Home/dashboard


    Get a new client? Was there a no-show? Have a lead to follow-up on? Now you can see everything.

  • Home/alert


    See what needs your attention in one glance. Never guess, never worry.

  • Home/agenda


    Our proprietary score can increase your length of employment by up to 70%.

  • Home/caregiver_matching

    Caregiver Matching

    Find the perfect match for a client in one click. Search by caregiver reliability, distance, and skills.

  • Home/caregiver_score

    Caregiver Scores

    We’ve created a proprietary score so you always know who your best (and worst) caregivers are.

  • Home/caregiver_portal

    Caregiver Portal

    Caregivers can view their schedule, complete caregiver training, and see the care plan for their clients.

  • Home/online_hiring

    Online Hiring

    With our online application and scoring system, you’ll get all the information you need to find the best applicants.

  • Home/applicant

    Applicant Tracking

    Favorite the best candidates. Find a warning sign? Remove them. Want an interview, place it on your agenda.

  • Home/applicant_source

    Applicant Scores

    Our proprietary score allows you to offer jobs to only the right candidates - leading to reduced turnover.

  • Home/business_hiring

    Business Education

    Our growing library of online videos provide you expert guidance for all the issues facing your agency.

  • Home/question_answer

    Questions & Answers

    Have an issue facing your agency and not sure what to do? Ask us. We’ve got your back.

  • Home/lead_tracking

    Lead Tracking

    Easily track each lead through the sales process. We provide guidance so you can turn more leads into clients.

  • Home/anylitics


    With over 1,000 charts examining every aspect of your agency, you never have to guess what works and what doesn’t.

  • Home/benchmarking


    Compare your numbers to other agencies in over 50 different categories, real-time.

  • Home/hippa

    HIPAA Compliant

    All data from Daily View is stored on HIPAA compliant servers.

  • Home/telephony

    Telephony premium

    $0.12 per call. Receive alerts if a caregiver fails to clock-in/out or is late.

  • Home/id_bages

    ID Badges premium

    Premium ID badges, $5 each. No minimum order, free shipping.

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